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VIP Customer Loyalty Program


Qualifying for our customer loyalty program is as simple as paying back your loan and returning to use Cash Advance Now when you need quick, hassle-free cash. Call 888-906-6423 or feel free to email or chat with a live representative today to find out more about our SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM member programs!


Loyalty Level Silver

When receiving your 2nd or 3rd loan you will receive $20.00 off of your FIRST finance fee for your current loan.

Loyalty Level Gold

When receiving your 4th or 5th loan you will pay a reduced APR on your current loan.

Loyalty Level Platinum

When receiving your 6th loan and beyond you will pay a further reduced APR on your current loan.

Take advantage of BIG savings today! The more you use, the more you save!

*Note: Loans must be successfully paid in full and in good standing to qualify for the VIP program and benefits.